Natalie Smithson working out loud

Working out loud

It’s freeing.

That’s my number one reason for working out loud on putting this immersive exhibition together. This project forced its way out and I need some creative freedom to express it, but it’ll take time…

I don’t wanna wait until I’m ready to launch and push this project out into the world. I don’t know what it’ll be yet, other than a relief.

Years ago, I’d fall headlong into writing, slinging out whatever I wanted. It brought followers and then friends and all these years later, I miss that. Wanton writing and off-the-cuff creation.

What’s there to lose, anyway?

People can’t steal the ideas from your head. I could describe the plan in mine and ten people would interpret it in ten different ways.

If I told you I wanted to “play music from hot air balloons and fly over cities to affect people’s dreams,” would you end up with Luke Jerram’s Sky Orchestra? “Developing music specifically for sleeping people which is delivered at dawn from out of the sky”?

Luke Jerram's Sky Orchestra
Luke Jerram’s Sky Orchestra

Should I choose to create “a tribute to life,” inspired by trips to Yellowstone National Park and the mountains, painting patterns onto panels using light to create movement, would you come up with Claudia Bueno’s PULSE?

Claudia Bueno’s PULSE

No, but I love to watch a vision like this unfold.

  • I want to be able to look back and see how far I’ve come
  • I want to be accountable for making this exhibition happen
  • I want to leave this legacy for my children because, in truth, it’s all for them ❤️

I plan to write like nobody’s reading, and create like I’ve never been pulled apart.

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