Finding a place above the choppy seas to collect your thoughts

WTAF is this life?!

Like a drum beating louder and louder, a need to create ‘something’ plagued me for a few years. I knew deep down the idea was fully formed, but it was somehow unattainable. When I came across a book of meditations in the hospice where my Mum made her peaceful exit, I turned to the date she died and this is what I found:

“LEAN NOT ON ANYONE. You need no outer props and reassurances, for you have all deep within you. It is inner peace that everyone longs for, and it is there when you take time to look for it. Do you take time to see the truth, or do you accept everything you hear, see and read at face value? When you know something from within, nothing or no one from without can shake it. It is something that is so real to you, it would not matter if the whole world went against you, telling you that you were wrong. You would be able to go quietly along your way without being disturbed or thrown off balance. That is the joy and strength of inner knowing. It is what can give you the peace which passes all understanding. So whenever you are in any doubt about anything, go within and seek the truth, and I will reveal it to you; then go your way in peace and confidence.”

Opening Doors Within by Eileen Caddy

It punched right in the gut of the ‘something’ I wanted to create.

Bad times followed by more bad times silenced the drum. Every now and then it would spontaneously reveal itself and beat so loudly I couldn’t ignore it. The need to create this ‘something’ suddenly felt urgent.

It can’t wait. So I finally took some time to figure out what the ‘something’ is and put it into words.

I’m creating an immersive exhibition experience for anyone who needs to know: better days will always come 🕯️

The image here, created using DALL·E 2 AI, is a visualisation of a safe space where you can patch together your scattered thoughts and feelings. For me, an escape from choppy seas. Creating an exhibition experience that aims to bring deep fulfilment, I’ll share everything I learn along the way about hope, resilience and light.

◦°˚(*❛ ‿ ❛)/˚°◦

There’ll be more soon on:

  • What it means to put an immersive exhibition together
  • Why I feel compelled to do it
  • And why you’ve already got everything you need to handle whatever life throws at you

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