AI generated white birch tree with no leaves stands next to an easel that has a question written on it: "Where do you find inner strength and hope?" Green tags with answers on them hang from the tree.

Tree of hope

We all have our tale of survival. The rough time you had, feeling lost or low, or a more persistent struggle to contend with over time. Life can be a battle, and yet here you are. Making it through. Riding that wave.

The question is: Where do you find inner strength and hope?

I’m creating a Tree of Hope for people to share their stories of resilience and I’d love to hear what you have to say, even if it’s just a few words.

Help shape my immersive exhibition

I’m creating an immersive exhibition experience for anyone who needs to know: better days will always come 🕯️ This will be a playful opportunity to peer into the hidden corners of your soul, pause in a moment of reflection, and find inner strength on a deeply personal journey towards hope, resilience and light.

Your thoughts, reflections, tips and tricks for the tree will be used to help shape this experience and find new ways to nurture your body and soul.

Share your wise words

The Tree of Hope is appearing at Festival OK in Warwickshire at the end of June 2024. Visitors will be asked to write their answer to the question on a green paper tag and hang it from the tree.

If you have a longer, wider or deeper story to tell that’s too big for a tag, please email me.

◦°˚(*❛ ‿ ❛)/˚°

Contribute online

If you can’t be at the festival, you can still contribute to the Tree of Hope. Let me know your answer to the question: Where do you find inner strength and hope? I’ll write it out for you and hang it from the tree 💚

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By contributing, you accept your words may be shared publicly

🏷️ “I trust myself and the process. All I need is already present within me.”

🏷️ “Sleeping. Drawing.”

🏷️ “I get my inner strength from my mind”

🏷️ “From Friends, family and from my growing belief in myself.”

🏷️ “From my family and nature”

🏷️ “I have hope tattooed on the inside of my eyelids, so my default is that human ingenuity and creativity will guide us into the future”

🏷️ “From my best friend”

🏷️ “What pushes me on is knowing that one day it will all end either slow or sudden. I have learnt to dig deep to get hope for the future and to make the most of it.”

🏷️ “God Universe Nature LIFE”

🏷️ “I find my inner strength from doing things I enjoy doing”

🏷️ “I find inner strength and hope from my partner! He pushes me every day to be a better person and gives me hope for our future!”

Main image mock up of the tree created using Ideogram AI

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