I write web copy that helps you make money from your wondrously big idea

I write web copy that helps you make money from your wondrously big idea

You see a future that other people can’t see — yet. That’s when you hire a digital innovation copywriter, like me, who can hit the ground running. To produce high-quality, snappy copy that makes people put down their iPhone for a minute. To feel excited, relieved, and happy to find you. For you’re exactly what they need, they just don’t know it yet. Until they read your copy.

Copywriting services to help sell your futuristic idea, even when everyone tells you it can’t be done. (Especially then.)

Marketing a technology-based solution is tough because people are driven by emotion. You can’t programme them to buy something, they have to feel that they want or need it. Pushing yourself to make that happen—exploring every possibility—is draining. Self-doubt disturbs another night’s sleep. And sometimes it can feel like nobody’s listening at all.

But you don’t give up because you’re curiously persistent… So you write your own copy and it’s frustrating and time-consuming.

Feels like it could be better, right?

Or you’ve worked with a copywriter before but they didn’t get the vision. Or the result wasn’t snappy enough. Now, you need an outsider who can make out the thinking behind your ambitious, big-hearted plan. To draw in more leads and turn your dream into revenue.

“If you hire Natalie you’re not just hiring a copywriter, you’re hiring more of a marketing partner — or business partner for that matter — because she’s someone that wants to really understand what’s happening behind the scenes, dig into the customer experience, and then provide the kind of copywriting from the get-go that’s already positioned to be in excellent shape, as opposed to just copywriting. You’re getting someone who’s gonna partner with you to give you a much better result.” ~ Barry Enderwick, who took Netflix from an unknown startup to international brand


Let’s dig our heels in

Did you hear about the lady who fell off the back of a cruise ship and spent 10 hours alone out at sea? It takes a strong will to see nothing but waves and know you’ll survive. In 10 hours, you and I can take whatever it is that’s playing on your mind and brace it together — on dry land! Your web copy doesn’t make people click? Email series doesn’t inspire people to sign up? You’re not sure what your reader wants? We’ll pull it apart and find new ways to increase conversions with more persuasive copy.

★ 1-hour video call so I can peer into every nook and cranny of your problem to share it fully with you
★ I’ll take away all of your research and identify at least one solid tactic to help you pull in more sales
★ We’ll have another one-hour video call for me to share my observations and ideas with you to grow your business today


Bonus: Get an exclusive introduction to my H-E-A-D-S-T-R-O-N-G copywriting formula with tips on how to organise your next copy project… stay on track and avoid the all-too-common points of friction!

OPTION 2: Build a ladder to the stars

You’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what you want to say. Now it’s time to write up your ideas and turn them into a sales tool. Book exclusive space in my brain to write (or rewrite) the copy you need to attract more buyers. Each new piece of marketing collateral gets you further up the ladder to the high level of success you’re striving for. I don’t just write copy. I hear you. And share your goals. Anna Karadzhova, former client and Hop Online CEO, says of me, “it’s a real pleasure working with someone so genuine and invested”.

★ I follow a conversion copywriting process, spending lots of time on research so I can talk directly to your ideal customer within your copy
★ Optional: Highlights of my research in a report along with a critique of your tone of voice and style — are you ready to take things up a notch?
★ Use this insight along with your new copy to show the tech (and non-tech) world how you want to be seen from now on


OPTION 3: Create your oasis in 10 weeks

Launching a new product or service, or rebranding an old one, is demanding. You’ve a lot to do. Fast. But, you know, you can build a house these days in 10 weeks. Imagine what you and I could do with that time to build your brand? My copy builds a connection between high-tech thinking and your human reader. Because having people believe in you isn’t enough. They have to get drawn into your world and adopt your idea; it needs to make you a profit.

That means jargon-free copy, not long words that people don’t understand. And a clear, engaging voice throughout every representation of your brand. Copy—good copy—converts words into actions. Use it to bring new customers into your world. The people with a thirst for your solution.

★ Get your own virtual copywriter on tap for 10 weeks to help with everything from writing, editing, research, and strategy

—Only 1 or 2 of these slots are available per year!

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“There are so many people that believe they can write and be a copywriter. When you find one that can actually write, it’s quite rare. They are rare. Natalie is one of the few copywriters that can actually write copy. The end goal was for the reader to get excited about our project and the white paper was part of the process. After a successful fundraise, we made $535 million.” ~ Jon Pullinger, Chief Technical Officer at TaTaTu who made half a billion dollars to launch an online entertainment platform that’s built on fairness

Jon Pullinger



“Natalie has a wide range of expertise so she’s a great match for a fast-paced startup environment. Working together on copy and positioning, we found Natalie easy to communicate with. She’s open-minded, flexible, and always meets deadlines. Natalie’s recommendations and feedback have helped us take complex, revolutionary ideas and concepts and make them accessible.” ~ Eva Cildermane, VP of Corporate Development & Communication at Silicon Valley startup Propy, the first company to ever sell property on the blockchain and change the way people buy on a global scale

Eva Cildermane

Natalie Smithson in HubSpot Natalie Smithson Digital Transformation People

With Natalie, I was impressed by her attention to detail and willingness to stick with a project until it was done to my (sometimes overly nitpicky) standards. That kind of grit is something that you don’t find in flaky amateurs. So many copywriters don’t think things through; Natalie is not among them.” ~ Joel Klettke, founder of Case Study Buddy who helped one of their clients close $197,444 worth of deals in one month



If you don’t come out of the conversation feeling heard and understood, and that you can trust me to sell your solution, there’s no obligation to buy. I’ll always support any good cause regardless 🙌

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