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It’s time

This past few weeks I’ve learnt a ton.

First and foremost: The universe will give you all it’s got, but in its own damn time.

Can’t force it.
Can’t advance to Go.
You have to do the work and learn your lessons. Try to get there too early and your body will bring you to a standstill. Sitting still enough and straight enough, I can (and am) finally listening to my body, and it’s no coincidence everything’s now coming together.

The concept for my exhibition experience is finally out there.

It’s out of my head.
Into a document.
Into reality.
Out in the world.

Collaboration is key

It’s natural to hit some blockers when you’re new in an unknown space. For me, it’s not just immersive that’s new, but getting funding for an arts project, finding a venue, sussing out the tech.

What’s good to know is nobody can do this stuff on their own. Who you collaborate with is important, and even the biggest players need help to get every element of their vision off the ground (thanks for the reminder, Ian!).

  • I’ve set up a local group in my home town to bring all the creatives together.
  • Joined forces with a local creative director to offer CoFocus sessions for creatives of all disciplines, plus socials to celebrate and support each other’s work.
  • Went to the studios of incredible local artists to talk about art and wellbeing, dreams and determination.
  • Next, I’m mocking up a part of my exhibition no words or AI art can quite explain, taking inspiration for that from Nicola and Maz at Vortex Creates who’ll put on a joyous exhibition (literally) at the Herbert in Coventry this summer.

There’s more to do than make

I’ve worked in creative all my life and I don’t underestimate all the work that goes on behind the scenes of any artistic project, but it’s a whole other experience working on a more emotive project that’s completely mine.

I’m learning to fiercely protect my energy.
To strengthen the truth in my voice.
To not focus on the wrong things.
To focus on the right things…
And revolt against time.

When it’s time to create. It’s time.

Now is the time 🙌

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