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Unearthing big dreams

One of the most fascinating and joyful things in the world for me is climbing inside the mind of an artist to see what drives them. Painters, singers, photographers, AI artists, actors ― the passion beneath the project always runs deep. 

Some say it’s a calling.
Others see a talent.
For me, the best experience from the outside is the feeling their work comes from deep within the soul.

How did they create this thing? 

It’s impossible to know everything when art is the result of a whole person’s being; all their influences leaking out at once, but a peek inside their mind to see what motivates them is golden. The magnitude of work that goes into creating success is boundless when you unravel it.

At the beginning of your own journey, it might seem an impossible dream. Yet really, it’s only a decision. The decision to commit to making your dream a reality.

I’m only 9 steps away from opening my exhibition

When I decided to commit to creating an exhibition experience, it didn’t feel like a choice. The idea has been swimming around my head for years ― literally, years. I’d ignored it and pissed it off. Now it’s forcing its way out and there’s little I can do to stop it. Nor do I want to. So how on earth do I make this thing happen?

It helps with a BIG dream to plan your steps.
And there are always less than you think there will be : )

I ended up with just nine steps to achieving my goal. 

  • Step 1: Commit time to working on my project
  • Step 2: Brainstorm ideas and pull the mess of them together
  • Step 3: Draw out a solid project idea from said mess
  • Step 4: Firm up a 140-character synopsis you can write down and say out loud, so the idea in your head becomes a tangible reality

Many scribbles and drawings and research and thinking later, I’m onto Step 5 (more on that another day).

I don’t have a lot of time, but time isn’t the issue here. The commitment to the time I can give is what counts now, to unleash the work that lies within.

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