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Copywriting services and business strategy for the headstrong technologist

Natalie Smithson is an independent copywriter working with ambitious changemakers who use technology to make the world a better or imaginative place. Pick the service that suits YOU.


Stuck on something? Get a clear plan to deliver a more persuasive message FAST

Did you hear about the lady who fell off the back of a cruise ship and spent ten hours alone out at sea? It takes a strong will to see nothing but waves and know you’ll survive. In that same amount of time, you and I can take whatever it is that’s playing on your mind and brace it together (on dry land). Your web copy doesn’t make people click? Email series doesn’t inspire people to sign up? You’re not sure what your reader wants? We’ll pull it apart and find new ways to increase conversions with more persuasive copy.

  • 1-hour video call so I can peer into every nook and cranny of your problem to share it fully with you
  • I’ll do as much additional research that you can shake a quill at (prepare for a lot of questions!) and identify at least one solid tactic to help you pull in more sales
  • We’ll have another 1-hour live video call for me to share my observations and ideas to grow your business today — you get a PDF copy of the comprehensive presentation I’ll pull together so you can mull it over some more later on

— we’ll talk for 20 minutes tops

Bonus: Get an exclusive introduction to my H-E-A-D-S-T-R-O-N-G copywriting formula with every dig your heels in session. It includes tips on how to organise your next copy project to stay on track and avoid the all-too-common points of friction!

Case study: When Nick Phipps booked a dig your heels in session he didn’t anticipate it would change his approach to all of his work

FREE GUIDE from Natalie Smithson

The 5 principles of voicing your wondrously BIG idea to change mindsets and change hearts

How to let people know what’s coming next with technology and move them on from old ways of thinkinga free guide


Book exclusive space in my brain to write (or rewrite) the thing you’re working on to attract more buyers

You’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what you want to say. Now it’s time to write up your ideas and turn them into a sales tool: a landing page, emails, a white paper, or website copy. Each new piece of marketing collateral gets you further up the ladder to the high level of success you’re striving for. I’ll help to solve your copy woes and tighten up your message.

  • I follow a conversion copywriting process, which means I spend lots of time on research and getting to know your customer before I write even one word
  • You can request highlights of my research in a report along with a critique of your tone of voice and style, if you’re ready to take things up a notch and get serious about your brand image
  • Use this insight along with your new copy to show the tech (and non-tech) world how you want to be seen from now on

Anna Karadzhova, former client and agency CEO, says “it’s a real pleasure working with someone so genuine and invested”.


Case study: Lynne Jones was surprised at how quickly I got “under the skin” of her creative brief

OPTION #3: CREATE YOUR OASIS only 1 slot available per year!

Get your own virtual copywriter on tap for 10 weeks to help with writing, editing, research, and strategy

Launching a new product or service, or rebranding an old one, is demanding. You’ve a lot to do. Fast. But, you know, you can build a house these days in ten weeks. Imagine what you and I could do with that time to build your brand…

My copy builds a connection between high-tech thinking and your human reader. Because having people believe in you isn’t enough. They have to get drawn into your world and adopt your idea; it needs to make you a profit. That means fluff-free copy and a clear, engaging voice throughout every representation of your brand.

Copy—good copy—converts words into actions. Use it to bring new customers into your world. The people with a thirst for your product.


Case study: Working with the Silicon Valley marketing expert who has ‘scaling Netflix’ on his resume