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Hire the copywriter who gets tech but also your stubborn pursuit to take on the world

It’s not easy to trust someone else with your business plans, especially when you’re tackling the big challenges of our time.

As a copywriter, I’m committed to getting deep into the mindset of your reader. And because I use a copywriting process I can take ownership of the outcome. 

I’m aware of your audience but also how you’ve been feeling all these years. Because trying to explain a solution that’s never been seen before or that shakes things up — now that’s demanding.


Dig your heels in is my flagship service, offering copy and business strategy all in one. When Nick Phipps signed up, he didn’t anticipate it would change his approach to all of his work in the future:

“I wasn’t expecting the amount of detail … everything was plausible and thought through. It also left me with new questions that I hadn’t considered before, to help put myself as the customer, with their mindset… It was very insightful.”

Find out how Nick’s experience unfolded


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How to let people know what’s coming next with technology and move them on from old ways of thinking


Barry Enderwick is a real gent. He’s a brand and marketing expert who knows how to take an unknown startup and turn it into a household name. I had the pleasure of working with him on email drip campaigns, landing pages, and website copy on a full-site rebrand for a Silicon Valley startup.

“[Natalie is] someone that wants to really understand what’s happening behind the scenes, dig into the customer experience, and then provide the kind of copywriting from the get-go that’s already positioned to be in excellent shape.”

Find out why Barry says I’m “miles ahead”

Past clients in blockchain, machine learning, apps, digital marketing, biometrics and CRO

Silicon Valley startups, purpose-driven entrepreneurs, and growing businesses

“Natalie has a wide range of expertise so she’s a great match for a fast-paced startup environment. Working together on copy and positioning, we found Natalie easy to communicate with. She’s open-minded, flexible, and always meets deadlines. Natalie’s recommendations and feedback have helped us take complex, revolutionary ideas and concepts and make them accessible.”

Eva Cildermane, VP of Corporate Development & Communication at Silicon Valley startup Propy, the first company to ever sell property on the blockchain and change the way people buy on a global scale
Eva Cildermane

“Natalie’s methods are in-depth. The whole process was really worthwhile & enjoyable. She worked to uncover my motivations and I gained insight into how I work and think. I felt Natalie understood me, my business and my clients, which results in copy that exceeds expectation.”

Jonny Ambrose, Visual Artist


Copy I wrote for one agency took online readership for one of the biggest companies in animal health from a few hundred people per month to well over 10,000 in just 1 quarter (and won an award).

“A first-class example of understanding your audience and delivering the goods, time after time. Captivating copy. Solid gold!”

Cambridge Digital Awards

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