Website copy review (balance)

No nonsense website copy review for innovators

There are almost 2 billion websites online today. That’s like trying to shout over a crowd of 90,000 people at Wembley Stadium to tell your mate you’re going to the bar — they can’t give you their order if they can’t hear or understand what you’re trying to say.

You’ve got a good product. You know it helps people. Yet when you introduce a challenging concept, well – it can be tricky convincing people to give it a try. Or maybe they’re not sure where to start.

– Are your website conversions low?

– Your words lack PUNCH?

– Or people just don’t seem to get it?

My website copy review can help you find balance.

Confronting the old way of thinking is a challenge…

For tech disruptors, straight-talking can be more difficult because there’s a temptation to focus on the technology, but nobody cares about that. People need to understand how your solution differs to what they already know. What’s in it for them to make a change?

I’ve been working in digital ever since we still pronounced the w w w dot; building, testing, and editing websites long before a move into conversion copywriting. So I can spruce up your copy but also look at how well it is (or isn’t) framed on the page.

Nobody reaches through barbed wire to pick a daisy, they look for a clear patch of grass or they leave it well alone. Share on X

You’re too close to your web copy

It’s easy to become preoccupied by the work you’ve already done to your site. You know every decision you made to get your product to where it is today.

Sadly, visitors to your website see none of this. They often need more than a quick explanation to give you their backing.

★  Is it immediately clear on your website what you do?

★  Do I, as your reader, feel the content is clearly aimed at ME?

★  Do I know what to read or click on first?

★  Am I moved by what you say?

★  Am I convinced to take action?

Yes to all of these? Great! But if you’re frustrated by a lack of clicks. Wonder why your bounce rate is high. Or there’s a lingering doubt people aren’t as engaged with your brand as you want them to be, we can make improvements.

“Natalie is able to verbalise and conceptualise ideas in a clear manner, resulting in coherent, well thought out and imaginative work. She is also friendly and thoughtful, making decisions in a consistent manner.”
– Katie Steed, Creative Director


 Get the help you need 

The website copy review includes:

  1. An hour-long video recording of a review of your home page and up to 3 other pages
  2. A digital report with key suggestions on how to make more of an impact online
  3. A 30-minute call so you know exactly what to do with the results — no more over-thinking about what steps to take next!

Expose those gaps in your web copy

You probably asked someone you know to have a look at your site. The trouble is, they already know the product (and the work you put into it), so they can’t honestly see the imperfections.

You could ask a bunch of strangers, but they’re unlikely to care if you feel disheartened. Nor can they highlight the exact steps you need to take to make things better.

That’s what I do. 

If you want clarity, so you can focus your time and energy on the growth of your business, get my website copy review.

You know you’re doing something right, so this isn’t about proving it wrong. It’s about building on the good thing you’ve already got going.

Your investment: £360

Payment is upfront and non-refundable. There are no extra costs.

If you prefer to chat before you confirm a booking, no problem. Email me to arrange a FREE 15-minute video call and we’ll go from there.


ps. If you ask me to re-write your web copy based on the recommendations you receive, I’ll discount the cost of this review from your copywriting project. Ask within 30 days, so it’s fresh in my mind and I’m raring to go!