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“The piece is perfect. Great work!” — Sara Sliwinska, Marketing Manager at Cera

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Web copy & description for a new app

Natalie Smithson portfolio One Scream


A female entrepreneur recognises that women and girls often feel vulnerable when out alone. She develops a mobile app to help them feel safe, but needs beta testers.


To identify the kinds of language women and girls will respond to best, I read their personal stories. I re-write the web copy to address their deepest (and often unrecognised) fears, but it is positive and affirming in line with new brand guidelines we develop. I tighten up the in-app micro copy and write the App Store description for launch.

I also get to know the developer. Without her, it wouldn’t be the elegant app it’s turned out to be and might not have seen the light of day without her resolve. This is something the new community of beta testers can recognise and be a part of too, so they can work together to develop an app everyone feels empowered by.

“Natalie is wonderful to work with – very responsive, on time, supportive and diligent. She has developed great enthusiasm for our app and created web content and app wording. We will go back to Natalie for strategy and highly recommend her.” — Uta De Veer, Co-Founder at One Scream


Web copy & navigation for a digital artist


An experienced visual artist has moved into exciting new territory. He’s using digital technology to create niche works of art, but how does he explain the creative process on his website?


One of the things I love most about my work is the opportunity to be inspired by the creativity of others. Slowly peeling back the layers of their process to uncover a motivation even they don’t always know is there. To do this, I use research methods that expose themes and patterns I can use to tell a story.

It is important to find out what the experience is like for the buyer too. For those seeking out a high-end work of unique and subjective art, it takes more than a customer satisfaction sheet to work out what makes them choose one artist over another. Once I knew this, I could write appropriate copy for different areas of the website to lead new potential clients through the same satisfying journey.

“Natalie’s methods are in-depth. The whole process was really worthwhile & enjoyable. She worked to uncover my motivations and I gained insight into how I work and think. I felt Natalie understood me, my business and my clients, which results in copy that exceeds expectation.” ~ Jonny Ambrose, Visual Artist

express who you really are

copy & campaigns for a CHARITY WEBSITE


A pioneering non-profit is due to celebrate their 30th anniversary. They need to organise a lot of information on their web pages and find a way to reach every type of supporter.


I’m a copywriter, but my background is in web construction and navigation. My natural instinct is to think about how the words I write will be organised online, so it’s easy for readers to find their way around. For this campaign, I started with the historical timeline because, from there, all of the incredible milestones the charity has reached can be extracted and celebrated individually elsewhere.

Many of the animal assisted intervention services the charity introduces have never been seen before. They also deal with sensitive and complex subjects. I had to be sure to include relevant information and stories that matter to each different type of reader, so they could share the information easily to help grow support.

“Natalie is creative whilst always being ‘on brand’. Her support has been invaluable and I know she will help us achieve our objectives.” — Laura Diep, Digital Manager at Dogs for Good


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