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All the benefits of having a copywriter target your message but with added strategy to sharpen the impact

Nick Phipps is a Customer Experience Strategist at Rawnet, a digital agency who define, design, and deliver products and services, helping their clients to become industry leaders. He booked a dig your heels in session with Natalie Smithson to refine a lead gen tool they created to guide strategic innovation. “It seemed like a good fit for getting out of my own head and thinking about my work in a wider context,” says Nick. “Nat took the time to understand my goals in a relaxed conversation. She got exactly what I needed and delivered an extremely valuable document.”

Nick Phipps
Meet Nick: Smart. Vivid thinker and eloquent communicator. Total pro.

Working with Natalie Smithson

Natalie gets it! She knows the right questions to ask up-front. She was empathic to my goals and it shows in the output. The lessons learnt will help me with future projects as well. I’ve already recommended Natalie and said just how detailed and on-point she is. She has a great, casual approach which I really like too.”

Nick Phipps

Nick gives his dig your heels in experience 5 stars

“I don’t think there’s anything I’d change on this service”

★  ★ ★  ★ ★

You need someone who ‘gets’ your business to help it succeed

One of the biggest challenges Nick faces is “cutting through the noise in order to connect with customers”, he says. “I am not a natural writer, I’m good at coming up with the structure and ideas but then it’s about using the right language, saying it in the right way.”

“There is so much content out there”, says Nick. “We have a unique proposition, but it can be difficult to get the message out, which is why using copy is so important. Initially, I drew upon the expertise of the team internally, but they are time poor. I had to do most of the work myself, including carrying out a lot of research.”

Drafting in external help isn’t always an easy solution. “Because of the way we look at things”, says Nick, “our pitching is very different; our culture is quite unique. It can be difficult to explain and for someone to really get it when they are outside of the business.”

Dig your heels in is more than a copywriting service, it’s strategy too

Nick wondered if a copywriter could help him and says he “started reviewing Natalie’s work, her case studies and reports. I liked her background in digital innovation; it felt like she could be a good fit”.

“I’ve not worked with a copywriter in this capacity before, but her dig your heels in service is exactly what we needed”, Nick continues. “The service makes sense. I already had the basics written and needed the refinement and tweaks that Natalie could offer to make it much more impactful. She quickly understood what I needed and delivered it without exception.”

“Take a weight off” knowing you don’t have to do all the work alone

Before the dig your heels in session, Nick filled out a questionnaire and provided relevant research and information. This informed the course of the first video call with Natalie, which Nick found “particularly useful”, especially having had those initial discussions first. They “helped too”, he says. “From the questions that Natalie was asking I could see that she really understood”.

Nick answered a number of follow-up questions before a live presentation with Natalie to go through her findings a few days later. “The video call was great”, he says. Natalie used the online tool as if she was a prospective customer to make recommendations:

  • Check the flow (especially between website and email elements)
  • Review the copy on the website, emails, and landing page
  • Check the appeal for new but also current clients
  • Identify any barriers for converting users to a paid service
  • Ideas for associated content to promote the tool

“The context Natalie provided around her decisions was very cool, it helped to understand her reasons. I was able to ask questions and challenge the thinking and everything was plausible and thought through. It also left me with new questions that I hadn’t considered before, to help put myself as the customer, with their mindset. This has helped with my approach generally, as well as for this particular project.”

Nick Phipps

A “brilliant” experience, concludes Nick.

“I wasn’t expecting the amount of detail; during the feedback on the call I found myself nodding away as it was very insightful, and in a different way. There was also a bonus document that Natalie sent over*, which was great. These extra touches and the advice that I received were over and above what I had expected.

Nick Phipps

“It feels good” to dig your heels in, says Nick. “Very refreshing. It was something different that felt right. Perfect answer to take the weight off my mind, knowing that I wasn’t doing it on my own.”

Hire Natalie

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*Every dig your heels in customer gets a copy of an exclusive H-E-A-D-S-T-R-O-N-G copywriting formula, which highlights the 10 things you should think about before you start any copy project