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How the right copywriter can also become your ‘go-to’ person for developing new business ideas

Aanand Davé is the MD at simulation specialists, DSE Consulting. As well as building computerised models to make predictions about the future of your business, they offer exclusive access to next-generation AI tools to maximise the results. Aanand is responsible for growing the profits of the business amidst the growing popularity of ‘digital twins’, use of machine learning and computer-led intelligence. With a dated web presence at the time and no marketing to speak of, Natalie Smithson was brought in to help establish their brand. “Nat was a breath of fresh air and taught us ways of doing things that would have taken us years to learn on our own,” says Aanand. Here’s how👇

Meet Aanand. 100% genuine guy. Ex-musician. The only one at DSE to finish his PhD.

“Nat’s approach helped us begin more account-based dialogues with our clients. We’ve moved from being just a sales oriented team to developing and showing our technical expertise, so that new and existing clients are now coming to us.”

Aanand Davé

A hybrid copywriter, marketer and technologist turns your 3 jobs into 1

Disaster planning is high on our agenda post-covid. For DSE Consulting, looking at what the future of your business might hold has always been the biggest part of what they do. For 15 years they’ve advised some of the world’s largest organisations on simulation, but the advance of artificial intelligence and new deep reinforcement learning tools changes everything. A small, deeply niched team of technologists, they didn’t have the time or the know-how to talk at scale about simulation, AI, and the impact these two things combined can have on the success of your business.

They needed somebody experienced who could work fast to:

  • Make it easier for people to understand what they do
  • Identify why their team has been so successful for so long
  • Develop a strong online presence to reach the wider audience of simulation modellers, business analysts and data scientists exploring AI right now

Natalie’s experience of working with emerging tech companies plus her conversational approach to copywriting stood out.

Aanand gives Natalie 5 stars

“Nat has the right mix of technical know-how, marketing skills and a genuine personality to always be a ‘go-to’ person when it comes to developing new business ideas or revitalising old ones.”

★  ★ ★ ★ ★

A copywriter with business brains helps increase your sales as much as improve your marketing

Simulation modelling, like any complex software service, is not an easy thing to explain. You can risk going into too much technical detail, alienating your reader, or making it so punchy that the claims about what it can do are not believable. But because Natalie goes heavily into the research for every new technology project, she’ll find the best way of speaking to new and existing clients in the way they want to speak about your services, so you can start having conversations that lead to sales.

Natalie Smithson simulation case study

“We needed help from Nat on our marketing strategy, and how that strategy could be rolled out tactically in an updated website and on social media, but she approached it from a holistic business strategy perspective instead of just marketing,” says Aanand.

“She did this by firstly understanding and then improving our marketing plans. Nat then created tangible personas for our clients, which we used to guide our website development. She also used this information to develop case studies, set up targeted email marketing campaigns, help to establish new product and service lines, tone of voice ideas, and she got us involved in upcoming AI events.”

“Professional in delivery, relaxed in persuasion. Nat is a perfect combination.”

Aanand Davé

The interesting thing is, says Aanand, “Nat is open to working with the team as opposed to for the company. And this distinction is something to be proud of, as it allowed her to integrate her marketing work more closely within the team, so the effect filtered through from the founder to the tech team, to administration.”

“Nat improved our overall marketing approach, and showed us the importance of marketing as a part of our business strategy,” he concludes. DSE now has a distinct online presence, appearing in search results and sounding like the dynamic team that they are. They have a stronger relationship with current clients, establish authority with new ones, and are successfully building a community hub for the UK Sim+AI market.

“Of all the marketing professionals I’ve worked with I couldn’t recommend anyone else, now that I’ve worked with Nat.” ~ Aanand Davé

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