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I’m the copywriter you call when you’re ready to take on the world

When you hire a copywriter, you don’t just put your trust in someone willy-nilly — it’s kind of nice to know a little bit about where they’ve come from. Dontyathink?

Because you’re looking for the one who really *gets you*.

When you go all in on a really big idea, you want a copywriter who knows how to help people understand your solution, so it sells. A copywriting partner who supports you in your mission to challenge the status quo. Working as a team to realise your goals.

“Natalie has brought style and smarts to our work. It’s a real pleasure working with someone so genuine and invested.” ~ Anna Karadzhova, Hop Online

Start with a process

I follow a copywriting process to find out what your customer wants to hear. What gets them on board with your new way of thinking (and makes them tell all of their friends)?

We already know how it works when a business tells you what they think you want to hear — you’re on one wavelength and they’re on another. It doesn’t grow your business. It grows resentment.

So I work with business owners who are as curious as I am about why people behave the way they do. Keen to uncover the reason for their choice — like, to buy or not to buy.

My process reveals all you need to say to help grow your revenue.

“Nat is a great asset. She really helped us develop our voice.” ~ Sarah Watson, Communications Manager at Dogs for Good



  1. I started out in qualitative research, trying to figure out why people buy the things they do, rather than how many. (Funny how things come full circle, isn’t it? Since this is what conversion copywriting is all about.)
  2. I’ve got an unfinished OU degree in the Social Sciences and a stack of training in journalism. I didn’t pursue either career, but they sure come in handy now!
  3. Languages have never come easy to me, but I’ve never forgotten how to write HTML — the somewhat quaint-looking language of the web that still charms me to this day.
  4. I view websites from the inside out, curious about the foundations on which they’re built and how this evolves. I used to help build them, test them, and train others how to use them.
  5. I learnt early on in web usability that it doesn’t matter how big or obvious the red button is on your website, or even if it says “PRESS HERE” in bold type, there will always be someone who simply can’t see it. Lesson: Never make assumptions.
  6. Voluntary work with animals has been my sideline. I’ve counted turtle eggs, picked up elephant poop, and taught a baby howler monkey to eat leaves in the forest.

    Natalie’s empathy, knowledge and critical thinking are laudable. She is adept at fashioning mirrors for us to peer into so as to better see ourselves in relationship with others.” ~ Craig Royal, Fine Art Artist

  7. I’ve got a First Class degree in conceptual photography, which taught me how to ‘read’ images and use them to tell stories. Kinda handy for online content…
  8. My postgrad is in anthrozoology (human-animal studies), which taught me far more about human behaviour than I care to accept.
  9. Becoming a parent gave me a clearer understanding of persuasion and wit.
  10. Everything I know about our digital world and human behaviour is poured into your project to help find out what turns a potential customer into a paying customer.

“Natalie can verbalize and conceptualize ideas in a clear manner, resulting in coherent, well thought out and imaginative projects. She is also friendly and thoughtful, taking on board other people’s input, making decisions in a timely and consistent manner.” ~ Katie Steed, Creative Director at Slurpy Studies

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