Warwickshire Copywriter Natalie Smithson

Warwickshire? Copywriter? Coo-ee! I’m over here…

Freelance copywriter in Warwickshire

You’re looking for a Warwickshire-based copywriter because sometimes it’s nice to have someone local, right? I like it when I can meet clients face-to-face too.

I can’t think of a single one I wouldn’t want to meet for a coffee.

And we copywriters in Warwickshire cover a lot of ground:

We’re not all that far from Coventry either. In fact, Binley is just up the road from me…

Warwickshire copywriters ARE THE BEST

OK, that ^^ is a complete fabrication (but we do happen to believe it’s true). I’m Natalie Smithson, but if I’m not the best fit for you I might know someone who is.

I specialise in conversion copywriting, which means I’m keen to know how your web pages performed over the past few months. Then we can set about making them stronger.

Hit those goals out the Victoria Park

I’m a Digital Innovation Copywriter, but that doesn’t mean I can’t extend my expert copywriting skills to other subjects for a neighbour.

So drop me a line, why don’t you?

Or if you’re not quite ready for a complete copy overhaul

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