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Wanna natter about tech, ambition, and getting your message straight?

What do you call yourself? An entrepreneur? Disruptor? Changemaker? Futurist? An innovator? Whatever it is, you’re no follower. You lead positive change through the use of technology and I’m the copywriter who fights for your BIG idea.

But then there’s all this other stuff in between…

Like, is Facebook going to destroy mankind or will we one day finally figure out how to merge our digital existence with our true human lives? Are robots really going to take over the world? And how can we shape emerging tech into something that helps, not harms us?

These everyday but persistent questions impact you as a person and the business that you run. It’s the environment we’re in.

Yet you and I are optimists. Stubborn in our commitment to tech for good. Which is why I want to tackle these unanswerable questions with you and hear your thoughts in return.

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This isn’t an opportunity for me to bang on about features and benefits or The Elements of F*cking Style (that’s an actual book title, by the way). This is a conversation about the ideas that bring your business to life in the first place — about tech and change.

Being different.
Being headstrong.
The future.
How to be vulnerable like Brené Brown or to think like Seth Godin…

And yes, how to make your offer more persuasive.

Ever think about this stuff?

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The 5 principles of voicing your wondrously BIG idea to change mindsets and change hearts

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