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Struggling to find the best way to express your BIG idea? Dig your heels in for clarity

Get a clear plan—practically overnight—to deliver a more persuasive message

“If you hire Natalie you’re not just hiring a copywriter, you’re hiring more of a business partner.”

Barry Enderwick, Silicon Valley brand expert (Netflix)

You already know your business idea is solid. What you need to do now is sharpen up your message so your reader can buy into it too.

You’ve worked hard to get the technology right, but your copy’s in trouble.

There’s nothing worse than that uneasy feeling that you’re not quite there yet. Your message isn’t reaching the right people — or not enough of them.

Your BIG idea is anchored; weighed down by uncertainty.

You want to know what you’re missing.

To find out how it could be better.

But you’re too close to the project now to see it — I’ve been there. If the answer went up in a flare at midnight it would be just at the point when you’re closing your eyes to shut out the dark. And it’s cold in those waters…

Maybe your website isn’t converting — that’s where copywriting comes in.

If your email series falls a little flat, improving your copy can put the wind back in the sails of your engagement.

Or if your app stagnates, you can shake things up by digging in your heels.

And it’s okay.

You’ve hit a rough spot. But they say a problem shared is a problem halved and that’s true. You don’t have to figure out all of the answers alone — that’s miserable.

I’ll help you.

Which includes bonus material revealing the 10 things you must think about before you write (or rewrite) a single word of your web copy.

It’s not easy trusting your business to someone else — until you find the right ‘someone’

That nagging feeling that your words aren’t articulated as well as you’d like them to be? It’s kinda hard to shift until you dive in to examine what’s happening beneath the surface. It’s even harder to put your faith in people outside of your business to help you do just that.

It has to be someone you can work with easily…

Someone who gets it…

Introducing the right copywriter to your project is more than the sum of the words on a page. You get a champion for your cause. Anna Karadzhova, a former client and agency CEO, says “it’s a real pleasure to work with someone so genuine and invested.”

Instead of paddling through the waters alone, you can get help to navigate to where you want to be. No more drifting through — or worse, following a path you don’t truly believe in. You just have to find the right crew. And if you’re tackling the big challenges of our time, I’m 100% happy to get on board.

Like you, I like to challenge the way things have always been done. Who says we can’t do better? Or different? Or BOLD?

Because having someone believe in you is important, right?

I wonder what we might uncover when we really dig our heels in…

That’s why I only work with ambitious, creative, big-hearted people who want to make a positive change in the world.
Because that’s what I want too.

Dig your heels in is 100% personal to your unique business challenge

The question you have doesn’t have a straightforward answer. If it did, you wouldn’t be here reading this, right now. You’d already have done everything you need to do and be onto your next challenge. But there’s a kink in your communication and it’s curling around your ability to think straight.

To help you untangle your ideas, I’ll follow the same process I always do to help tease out your message.

If it’s online and it’s not working, book a call with me. We can dig our heels in to fix it:

  • Swap dull words that make your reader go “Meh!” for words that convince them to ‘Buy Now’
  • Plug any disconnect in your email sequence to better nurture your prospects and increase your open rates
  • Check the flow of your web copy to see if it stops people in their tracks for long enough to question if you’re the right choice
  • Remove clutter from your landing page to encourage more sign-ups
  • Find out what your reader most needs to hear from you so they know for sure you can help
  • Discover how you compare to your competition and show the reader how you stand out
  • Make your marketing message more persuasive to make more sales
  • Clear up your calls to action so viewers stop hovering and start clicking through

My process starts with a quick 20-minute call to check we’re a match.

We are? Yes! Let’s do this…

Next, we agree on what the outcome of the session should be, based on how you feel now and how you’d like to feel when we’ve finished digging our heels in. I’ll present a Statement of Work to you in person (or via a video), so that you can be sure I’ve identified the biggest struggles you need help with now, how I’ll tackle the problem to help you solve it, the cost of the service, and timings for the delivery of your results.

You’ll need to sign a contract because once we commit to nailing this thing together, we commit.  

Tell me your life story, so I can get a better sense of who you are and what your business stands for. If you have anything else you think I should see — a tone of voice guide or brand guidelines, customer survey results, company brochures, competitor analysis — that kind of thing, send it my way and I’ll gladly strengthen what I know.

Our first video call is when I truly start to share your problem. We take about an hour to start downloading everything that’s going on in your brain into mine. You’ll tell me everything you’ve thought of so far, what you’re stuck on, and what you want to be clear on when we’re done. It’s likely I’ll have more questions too because it’s not over until we dive deep enough to find some buried treasure.

“If you hire Natalie you’re not just hiring a copywriter, you’re hiring more of a marketing partner—or business partner for that matter—because she’s someone that wants to really understand what’s happening behind the scenes and dig into the customer experience. You’re getting someone who’s gonna partner with you to give you a much better result.”

Barry Enderwick, who helped take Netflix from an unknown startup to an international brand

When my work is done, we’ll have another one-hour video call. I’ll pick everything apart to expose the holes in your messaging. Then I’ll show you how to fix it and make it stronger.

If your navigation is wayward or your microcopy is sinking, I can tell you how to get it back on course to give your user a better experience.

If the design doesn’t flow well? I’ll steer you right.

We’ll talk through all of my findings and suggestions LIVE on a video call so you can ask questions. Plus you’ll take away a hard copy of my presentation after the call, so you can mull it over some more.

You’ll be left feeling clear-headed. Energised. Focused. And ready to make the changes you need to make to your message in order to bring in new business.

You can start this process today

Get out of your own head to see your marketing efforts in a wider context

If you have any problems converting browsers into buyers, now is your time to offload this onto me. Or if you can’t get your message across in a way that turns heads, I’ll help you.

It’s a partnership; we’re digging our heels in together.

As a fellow marketer, I’m “friendly and thoughtful, taking on board other people’s input,” says Katie Steed, who runs an award-winning animation studio. So you won’t feel stifled or lose sight of your own goals. But with an objective eye, I’ll spot the improvements you can make to increase sales or sign-ups.

Are you focused on the things that influence your reader the most?

Is there anything in your tone or structure of your copy that throws people off?

Is there a stumbling block in the navigation or microcopy that trips up your reader?

Digging our heels in, I’ll help you figure out at least one way to improve your conversions and increase your profit. To introduce more persuasive language, polish the perception of all that you have to offer, or wash away sticking points that stop customers from choosing you instead of your competitors.

Get answers in just a few days (perfect for ambitious people who want results now)

Investing in any new service can feel like a leap of faith. Chances are, you’ve never worked with a copywriter in quite this way before. That’s because this offer is unique to me as a Digital Innovation Copywriter focused on the future.

It’s designed with headstrong people like you in mind.

Even as a changemaker who goes against the curve, you don’t have to sail this course alone.

I’ll dive in, submerge myself in whatever you’re stuck on, then come up with fresh ideas that you can use to grow your business TODAY.

Nick Phipps at Rawnet gives the service 5 stars

★  ★ ★  ★ ★

Nat took the time to understand my goals in a relaxed conversation. She got exactly what I needed and delivered an extremely valuable document. The lessons learnt will help me with future projects as well.

Nick Phipps, Customer Experience Strategist

It’s no fun treading water when you’re drowning in ideas. I’ll help you identify the strongest route out of uncertainty and find at least one way to increase your conversions.

Right now, it’s a mystery what we might find. So let’s speak…

Book a call — it’ll be 20 minutes tops. I’ll know straight away if I can help you. And you’ll know right away if you want me to.

There’s no obligation to buy anything after this quick initial chat.


ps. If you book a dig your heels in session, you get exclusive access to my H-E-A-D-S-T-R-O-N-G copywriting formula. Find out how to run your next copy project without wondering how it might go.

  • H helps to prevent your copy project from getting tangled up in a web of delays
  • E encourages you to do the right preparation to make sure your copy project is a success
  • A avoids you missing the one thing that everybody forgets to think about

You get the idea…  

So stop worrying about where to begin. Avoid getting lost along the way. And learn how to start drawing in the right people who appreciate the change you’re making in this world.