Conversion Copywriting ~ investigate

Conversion copywriting is the smartest way to find out what customers think of you

People tell you all the time what they want from your digital solution. They just don’t always say it out loud.

Instead, they demonstrate it in their behaviour — what they click on, what they sign up for, what they buy (and what they don’t).

If only you could look inside their brain…

Because the decision your customer makes online has EVERYTHING to do with the success of your digital business. Right?

Well, lucky you! I’m the inquisitive copywriter who gets inside your customer’s head. (And not just with a feeble customer survey.)

There’s a process for uncovering *THE THING*. You know — the thing. The reason why people choose your solution over any other.

My copywriting process is all about turning ‘Nah’ into ​’​​​​​​Yeah!’ and ‘Not today, thanks’ into ‘YES’

Step 1: I dig deep into my research

This is the part where I find out what makes your customers tick. I investigate their every foible (and yours). Because if you don’t know who they are and what they want, they go to someone else who does.

REVEAL what your customers really think

Step 2: Things get emotional

When it’s time to write, I create an emotion-fuelled connection between you and your ideal customer because you can’t programme them to buy, they have to *feel* that your solution is 100% right for them before they’ll commit.


Step 3: Time to look at how the message performs

Nobody wants a car that isn’t safety tested. Or medicine they’re ‘pretty sure’ won’t kill you. You need to know it works and copywriting is no different. We test and tweak to get the right result.


I can’t do my best work for you without research. And you can’t improve your copy without testing how well it works.

No more guesswork

The conversion copywriting process is designed to lead you to the place where your copy is doing exactly what you set out for it to do — bring in more business.

With Natalie, I was impressed by her attention to detail and willingness to stick with a project until it was done to my (sometimes overly nitpicky) standards. That kind of grit is something that you don’t find in flaky amateurs. So many copywriters don’t think things through; Natalie is not among them.” ~ Joel Klettke, leading conversion copywriter and founder of Case Study Buddy who helped one of their clients close $197,444 worth of deals in one month

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