Natalie Smithson ~ Digital Innovation Copywriter

Oh, Hi πŸ‘‹

Me: Thanks for showing up : ) I’m Nat.

You: Hi Nat.

Me: I’ve been following you for a-a-ges and love what you do. I’ve been looking into conversational AI and feel I’m a good fit for it.

You: Okay…

Me: So I wondered if you need any help at the moment and if my experience could be useful to you.

You: [Supping coffee]

Can I quickly tell you a little bit about my background?

You: Umm. I’m a bit busy…

Let’s talk another time

OR β€” You: Sure, go for it.

Me: Thanks. Well, I’m excited about Conversation Design and think I have five areas of expertise that might be useful to someone like you:

  1. I’m trained in conversion copywriting so I use research and data to inform everything I write. Before I can solve the client’s problem it’s vital I get to know their customer well, listening to how they describe their pain points so I can echo their language.

  2. Emerging technology is my thing. I’ve worked on blockchain projects, biometrics, have written for apps, worked in digital health, and most recently learned a ton about computer simulation, digital twins, and deep reinforcement learning.

  3. My MA is in anthrozoology (human-animal studies) and anthropomorphism comes up a lot. I see an interesting crossover between how we relate to the animal ‘other’ and the robot ‘other’ and where natural human behaviour can get in our way.

  4. My web career spans 15 years. Knowledge of HTML helps me work well within a team of developers and engineers, as well as alongside marketers and digital experts as a hybrid across the fields of copy and design, tech evolution, and human behaviour.

  5. My most recent employer says: β€œNat has the right mix of technical know-how, marketing skills and a genuine personality to always be a β€˜go-to’ person when it comes to developing new business ideas or revitalising old ones.” I’m keen to put those skills to use in conversational AI.

You: Do you have any direct experience writing for chatbots or in designing conversations?

Me: Not yet but I’ve been swotting up on Cathy Pearl, VUX World, Google Design Guidelines, IBM Watson, Botmock and the like.

You: Sorry Nat, right now, we need people with experience writing for bots.

Let’s keep in touch, though

OR β€” You: Okay, your other experience sounds relevant.

Me: That’s good to hear. Ideally I’m looking for a new role or contract from 1 December but if there’s something I might be able to help you with now, I’d love to hear about it.

You: Whereabouts are you?

Me: I’m in the UK, but I’ve been working remotely for years.

You: Okay, well we could have a quick chat to begin with.

Me: Great. Do you want a video or phone call, or email chat?

You: Let me just check what works best.

Me: Okay, thanks.